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The evian babies are back!

April 22, 2013 at 8:46 by Bridget Comments

Evian is a brand that I love.  They’ve consistently given us great advertising that’s worth sharing.  Here’s the latest ad “Baby & me” (from BETC ) which tells a story about connecting with our inner child.

I like the way that this idea has come to life across the different channels.  The TVC tells a great story, while the posters do a great job recreating the mirror effect in a real spaces (the posters will be facing each other).

According to the BETC website there is an app (created with b-reel) coming mid may that uses advanced facial recognition to reveal the inner baby in each of us, with of course the invitation to share the photo with friends.

Quick off the mark, there’s already even a parody of “baby and me” featuring the Daft Punk Get Lucky track.

Everyone has seen the Rollerbabies ad that took YouTube by storm in 2009.  What’s incredible is that it’s still gaining in popularity today, attracting regular views and it still holds the Guinness World Record for the most viewed online advertisement.

It’s a terrifying challenge to follow up on such a huge success, but evian managed to do so with “Baby inside” in 2011.

The first Live Young campaign dates back to 1998 when “water babies” was released.  (Video quality is not great but you can see the ad below).

A sign of great advertising is when you can sell the ad! The track (Here comes the Hotstepper) is available to buy on iTunes.  I love the detail and consistency with the treatment of the album cover.

Bravo evian  #liveyoung

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