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New mega-productions are raising the stakes

April 22, 2013 at 7:01 by Laurent Comments

Although putting a lot of money in super produced commercials is not new, we can wonder if the recent multiplication of these breathtaking films are pure coincidence or if they are setting new standards.

One year ago Cartier, helped by Marcel, raised the bar to quite a high level with its stunning “Odyssée” :

This kind of epic movie is quite rare. And even the Superbowl ad contest seems to play on other fields, like humour and everyday situations. Of course if you can think of some other expensive mindblowing commercials please feel free to share in the comments.

These last few weeks epic movies have been mushrooming like never before. Ok, maybe not mushrooming, but three (actually four) in a row, that is something when you talk about this level of production.

There has been the Heineken “Road to Final” by W+K Amsterdam

The screenplay makes it epic. The rythm, the different sets and the quality of direction make it quite unique.

Not enough spectacular you say ? Ok prepare your eyes for the Samsung duo which follows. Yes, a duo. One epic film is not cool. You know what’s cool ? Two epic films.

These spots, “Charge” and “King of TV City” made by Chi&Partners to promote the Samsung Smart TV, are definitely out of proportion. The excessiveness is accepted and even a purpose for the brand. If we can debate about the interest and the effectiveness of such a spending, one can admit the direction, the photography and the special effects reach high levels of quality.

Now, in a different style, here comes a firework of visual effects to end the series. This short film commercial has been made for Volkswagen China by DMG to promote the VW Golf GTI, and is called “Out of this world”.

I am the kind of guy who likes the Tron design but is a little bit more skeptical about the Speed Racer one. I guess it explains why I have mixed feelings about it. It is subjective. A simple question of taste. Nevertheless the best can be the enemy of the good. And too much production can easily fall into saturation. What do you think ?

There are reasons why you produce such high level and expensive commercials. For instance, when you are an aggressive leader (and by aggressive I don’t mean evil but ambitious) like Samsung, such commercials could define yourself as a leader. It is a position. When you have the cash, in a time where others cut costs, these ads are also here to knock out the competition, to take an advantage that others can’t challenge. The risk being to be perceived as arrogant.

The media landscape is overfilled by commercials. So is it now a cost to pay to emerge ?

Do you think some of these brands thought “let’s put the money in the production, then people will be impressed, and will share it. Therefore we won’t have to invest too much money on paid media ?” I don’t think they did. But I can imagine a non sense scene with others : “They told me to Think Big. I thought no limit would be big”

The opposite belief is also a non sense fantasy : “Let’s have a brilliant idea. It won’t cost anything and it will be a success” Nevertheless, one has to admit, a simple idea, almost free of charge, can prove to be engaging, meaningful or entertaining, even both sometimes. And to give life to the idea and to set the world on fire, sure money can help. The production costs or media costs then can be considered as a tax on creativity. The less creative you are, the more you pay. But no one will complain when a good idea can be supported by a big budget.


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