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Aerobics for cats

May 14, 2013 at 12:48 by Martina Comments

Jane Fonda would be proud of these cats. Planks, abs crunches, leg lifts, you name it. Work it Kitty offers a full aerobics routine to get your cat back in shape. I’m not a cat lover, and this is probably the first Web video I’ve ever watched featuring cats doing silly things, but I must say it’s hilarious.

80s music and improbable vintage outfits are the perfect mix for this original idea to promote cat’s food brand Temptations Cat Treats. Make sure to check out the downloads sections as well, you can find quite a few goodies there, including a set of animated GIFs.

This being said, the campaign has been out there for a couple of weeks now (yep, ouch we are a bit late with this!) but the video has only half a million views. Unusual disappointing result given the viral potential of the content. I wonder if and how the slow intro to the video (38 seconds before the music video actually starts) is affecting its performance.

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