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Chipotle uses Fiona Apple to launch mobile game

September 12, 2013 at 4:01 by Jeremy Comments

Content is the hero of the latest effort from the fast food chain. This infectious story is pure simplicity: great animation, great music, a clear moral message. The Scarecrow, connects childhood innocence via stories like Wizard of Oz, Animal Farm and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Fiona Apple covers the 1971 film’s song Pure Imagination) in promoting their stance against other food chains that continue to use mass production techniques.

Interestingly the enemy - Crow Foods - intentionally avoids representing any single competitor. The latest campaign is aimed at highlighting the different choices that fast food manufactures make and the impact that it has on our environment, society and the choices consumers make. Chipotle has a public commitment to serve ethically raised meat and source more local produce and minimise any pre-prepared foods.

In 2012, Chipotle picked up two Cannes Grand Prix – one for Film and the other for Branded Content & Entertainment. Chipotle has returned with a content rich campaign, this time putting the focus in a game. The gameplay puts you up against the evil scarecrows of the fictitious Crow Foods – the faceless enemy of real food. The mobile and tablet app (currently iOS only) is lightly branded and very good fun as you complete various tasks to change the world of mass-produced foods. If you successfully earn enough credits on all levels you can earn coupons for free food at the fast-food restaurant chain. And by playing you educate yourself on the choices that consumers and producers make about their food, where its sourced from and how its made. Moonbot and CAA partnered to produce the game - Chipotle has another great campaign on their hands.

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