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Is TV advertising also moving real time?

March 31, 2014 at 10:51 by Bridget Comments

It’s starting to look like the real time marketing trend may be spilling out of social media and making it’s way into TV advertising.  Ford has responded to the controversial Cadillac “Poolside” TVC with a parody called “Upside” (You can get more detail about it on adweek here)

I thought it was a good parody.  But once I found out they used the real story about Pashon Murry the founder of Detroit Dirt (a sustainability consultancy and advocacy group), I think it’s even better!

During the Winter Oympics we saw that a tweet and some match making from Alex Bogusky resulted in an Liberty Mutual ad about injured olympian Heidi Kloser.

The TVC aired 13 days after the accident.  Whilst it may be a stretch to call it ‘real time’ it’s certainly interesting to see more main stream media become more reactive to say the least.

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