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#Superbowl standouts

February 2, 2015 at 11:39 by Bridget Comments

Here are my picks for #SB49.

Weight Watchers surprised with a breaking bad approach to breaking unhealthy eating addictions.  Great read about the approach on Adage.  Nice tagline “Help with the hard part”.  You can also see the other ads done by Wieden+Kennedy under this new brand platform on La Reclame.

Snickers Brady Bunch. Just when you thought ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ was getting old, Marsha Brady gets thrown into the mix to create perhaps the best ad yet.  I love the mashup between old and new.

The making of the ad is worth a look too:

BMW also draws on the past to dramatise the next big thing is here with the all electric BMW i3. “What is internet, anyway?”…

Audi must have loved the call out when BMW Brand Ambassador Katie Couric Admitted On TV That She Actually Drives An Audi

Great comedy and product demo for T-Mobile with Sarah Silverman & Chelsea Handler.

Revenge - great collaboration with Liam Neeson (a.k.a AngryNeeson52) who is seeking revenge for losing a Clash of Clans game.  I particularly like the fact that they have managed to make the game world and real world work together.

Chilling PSA for stands out and hits hard.

And of course there was also The Greatest Interception Ever.  Great idea and smart play by Volvo for hijacking the Super Bowl without being an official ‘TV advertiser’.

But perhaps the real star of the night was Katy Perry’s dancing shark.  Good read on Buzzfeed here.


Image Credit Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed / Via

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