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Smart design & drive

on June 30, 2008 by Martina Comments

In Japan Smart has launched an online project where it invites users to design their ideal Smart.

At first sight the website reminds of a project MINI did a few years ago, when they asked consumers to design the cover of their ideal MINI car. However taking a further look you realise there is more to discover and enjoy. Nothing really innovative, I have to say, but definitely something nice to discover on a website by a brand like Smart.

Playing with the concept of a Smart small like a toy the website allows you not only to “pimp” your Smart but also to drive it around the screen and play an advergame with it. Again, nothing really new nor special, but I still believe that, even if you haven’t got a brand new idea, you can still do things well and create a web project that is consistent with your brand and capable of creating an interaction with your product. After all, over 10000 Smart designed by the users aren’t a bad result at all. The agencies behind the project are TYO Interactive Design and Kyucon.

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Ford @ America’s Cup

on April 1, 2007 by Martina Comments

Simple but brilliant idea by Bassat Ogilvy (Spain) to present Ford as the sponsor of America’s Cup kicking off in a few days in Valencia. via Briefblog.

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