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Hugh Hefner beer commercial

on May 30, 2011 by Mark Comments

Dutch beer brand Bavaria just released a new commercial starring Hugh Hefner. The commercial shows a secret room at the Playboy Mansion, which the 85-years old Playboy boss uses for.. well, see for yourself. Hefner’s not the first international celebrity to appear in a Bavaria commercial: people like Marco van Basten, Maradona, Joan Collins, Don Johnson and Mickey Rourke did the job before. Read more…

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Bavaria spoofs Heineken walk-in-fridge

on February 27, 2009 by Mark Comments

Dutch beer brand Bavaria just launched a commercial that leaves no mistake. It’s a direct, professional and fun spoof on the popular Walk In Fridge commercial from competitor Heineken, which was released late December 2008. I bet this will be continued..

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The Bavaria 3D tour

on June 21, 2007 by Martina Comments

Dutch agency Achtung has launched this week the new Bavaria beer website. It’s a (light) interactive experience delivered with impressive graphics, which takes the user through the brewing process. At first sight it reminds me quite a lot of the Get the Glass site. The technique is the same, great 3D animation and videogame style of the interface, and even if the content is definitely less rich (it misses some interactivity), but the whole thing is very well executed and will surely impress the users. I wonder if from now on, with faster connections and with the new Flash wonders we are going to see more and more sites like this. Of course, in the executions we will ask also for great concepts, not only for impressive animations

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