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Nokia promotes N90 phone on blogs

on December 5, 2005 by Martina Comments

Nokia is currently running a blog relations campaign to promote its new N90 phone. Brand Republic reports the Finnish brand sent the N90 phone for review to 50 bloggers with focuses as broad as gadgets and as narrow as following one of Nokia’s competitors. Nokia is also online with the Nokia Nseries N90 Blogger Relations Blog site. Where they post blogger and media information that users can repurpose and utilize in their blog postings about the N90.

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Competing for consumers’ attention and time

on June 21, 2005 by Martina Comments

Consumers today are exposed from 3,500 to 5,000 marketing messages a day. On the street, on Tv, in the newspapers, online. Ads are everywhere but most of the people simply don’t notice them or worst, notice but don’t register them. Usa Today has a good article to introduce the Cannes Advertising Festival and discuss the challenges the advertising industry is now facing. The recurrent idea is “think outside of the box”, which means, look beyond TV advertising which is no longer going to play a pivotal role in promotional campaigns.

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