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Pimp your Chevrolet virtually

on August 4, 2009 by Martina Comments

From China, a website that in Italian I would call very “tamarro” (almost impossible to translate this in English – maybe it’s “yobbe”, any suggestion from an Italian who isn’t on holiday yet, will be very appreciated!). It’s for the Chevrolet Cruze and it definitely features a “macho” approach to communication which I found quite surprising for the Asian market.

On top of discovering the car model and it racing competitions, you can also “virtually pimp” your Chevrolet. The customization engine is quite rich, and you can create horrible car to share with your mates. Yes, because pimping is all about sharing, so after you are done with your masterpiece you can then save it as wallpaper for your computer, mobile phone or MSN avatar.

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The beautiful advergame

on July 7, 2007 by Martina Comments

From Brazil a cool advergame that continues (and evolves) the trend set by Get the Glass. It’s called Prisma Test Life, and it has been created for Chevrolet by NuYoung Creative.

It’s a “click” game, so you don’t have to speak Portuguese to play it, but just to use your intuition and enjoy the experience.

The game is fun to play, but in my opinion the user gets more fascinated by the aesthetic side of the project: animations are impressive, as you can see from the “making of” video the agency has released.

Found on Webcore.

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Chevrolet and your style

on June 28, 2005 by Martina Comments

In Argentina Chevrolet has launched an integrated campaign to target young adults. Adlatina (free reg.) reports MRM Partners has created a promotion which starts with the distribution of postcards in popular bars and restaurants in Buenos Aires and ends with a sort of interactive game on a dedicated microsite. The competition challenges visitors to build up a character that best reflects their personality using the available styles. As usual, iPod are the prizes. Probably (and hopefully) the offline campaign looks nicer than its online version.

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