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Texting mania in CEE

on June 21, 2004 by Martina Comments

A new study (Central and Eastern Europe Mobile Messaging Services, 2004�2008 Forecast) by IDC reveals that the mobile messaging markets of Central and Eastern Europe still offer significant growth potential. Newer services like premium SMS and MMS are expected to supplement traditional text-based messaging, contributing not only to an increase in the number of users, but also to a jump in spending, which is expected to reach around $2.9 billion in 2008.

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Everyday life with mobile technology

on December 20, 2003 by Martina Comments

According to a new study from IDC, Mobilizing the Consumer: 2003 Survey Results, personal use of mobile devices, technology, applications, and services is on the rise as many previously business-focused solutions have been extended or repositioned for the home. As explained in a press release by IDC, mobile phones continue to be a big part of consumers’ lifestyles. Of course this news sounds very promising to mobile marketers who will have the chance to target a wider group of users hence to get bigger budget to spend on this medium

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The ringtones business

on June 6, 2003 by Martina Comments

IDC has release a Press Release that presents the results of a recent study on the US wireless market. Although the U.S. ringtone market is small in 2003, a combination of several key trends will drive the revenue opportunity for this market to more than $1 billion by 2007.

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