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Magnum Pleasure Hunt 3

on April 16, 2013 by Mark Comments

So I first received an authentic ransom letter (with individually cut out letters = painstaking!!) that directed me to a site where a dude gets kidnapped. In order for you to release him from his captors you must go through a series of games and collect all the ingredients of the new Magnum ice-cream. This is the sequel to the award-winning Magnum Pleasure Hunt Across the Internet 1 & 2. Ohh and the games work just lovely on your phone as built in HTML5. Agency is Lowe Brindfors in Sweden. Read more…

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Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2

on April 3, 2012 by Mark Comments

Well now this is cool. Further to last years Pleasure Hunt, Magnum has backed it up with the latest instalment - Pleasure Hunt 2. Via Lowe Brindfors comes this race/game across the internet now using a ‘street view’ type interface that you control. It’s nice to see campaigns advance along with the technology available. It was produced in partnership with microsoft/bing for the streetview interface.

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Russian Spoof Pleasure Hunt

on August 7, 2011 by Mark Comments

From Russia. A very elaborate spoof of the Magnum Pleasure Hunt done earlier this year. Putin runs across the internet doing all sorts of crazy stuff. I don’t read Russian so can any Russian friends please explain this to us??

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Be my Valentine

on February 13, 2005 by Martina Comments

There isn’t much out there to “celebrate” Valentine’s day online. After last year’s Love Tatoo I would have expected to find more viral ideas playing with the Valetine’s concept. I just found out about this online game by Indian agency Innoken which has launched “Be My Valentine” (which isn’t exactly an advergame). In Italy, icecream brand Algida has created a special site for “San Valentino” promoting its Magnum icecream as a Forbidden Fruit. Virgin Mobile Australia has launched a viral campaign for Valentine’s day, called Dr. Date (via Random Culture). There is something more in the mobile industry. In Germany Mindmatics has created Valentine Loveline for T-Mobile and Douglas Parfumeries and Enpocket has partnered with Sprint and to present a Valentine’s sweepstake (and promote a new mobile dating service).

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