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Coca-Cola and the Web: love’s in the air

on December 13, 2003 by Martina Comments

Coca-Cola is taking the heavily investing in Web communication, proving the media potentials when the goal is branding. The multi-national corporation has recently announced that in January it will launch in the UK an Internet music download service (, which will offer more than 250,000 songs (Revolution reports). At the same time, in Spain, Coke has presented �La Tienda Coca-Cola�, an online shop selling gadgets and merchandising, giving to charity the revenue (read more about it in Spanish on Marketing Directo). The shop is reachable by passing through the corporate Web site, and this fact highlights Coca-Cola�s intention to get people to know the Company better. On the other side, the online music download service is a clear example of Coke�s trying to build a relationship with young surfers, since the Company is not expecting to make a profit from the service. I believe we could easily adapt Pepsi�s tagline like this: Coca-Cola: the music for the new generation.

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Music downloads to mobile phone: a new business? Not really

on December 1, 2003 by Martina Comments

Daren Siddall of GartnerG2 comments about U.K. mobile network operator O2 launch of a pioneering system for downloading music via mobile phones. According to the analyst, there are three factors restricting O2 Music to a niche market: cost per song, convenience and lack of added value.

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