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Eyeblaster and Pointroll announce Firefox compatibility

on June 22, 2005 by Martina Comments

Rich media ads will be now available to reach a wider number of Internet users (about 97 percent). Both Eyeblaster and Pointroll have announced they have upgraded their rich media platforms expanding the ads’ compatibility to Firefox and Mozilla. The compatibility issue was becoming an hot topic in the industry and it’s good to see technology providers have shown they’re flexible enough to acknowledge there’s plenty of life beyond Internet Explorer.

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New rich media formats presented

on March 7, 2005 by Martina Comments

Eyeblaster has introduced the VideoStrip ad format, a teaser video within a banner unit that quietly grabs users’ attention and enticing them to interact. Upon rollover or click, the video expands to its full size, remaining perfectly in sync as it fills a full-sized expanded panel. User interaction with the VideoStrip also triggers the audio within the ad. PointRoll instead has announced the launch of FoldOver a new ad format positioned in the upper corner of a publisher’s page. When a user initiates a mouse-over, the ad visually folds over the page, exposing close to a full-page ad. According to Pointroll’s press release, the FoldOver has been already used with satisfaction by Audi in support of the A6 campaign. Rich media ads are becoming more and more important in the marketing mix, as the new 44 customers acquired by Doubleclick’s DART Motif confirms.

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Pointroll introduces the “Reminder”

on October 1, 2004 by Martina Comments

Rich media ads producer Pointroll has announced the development of a new feature that will allow Internet users to explore interesting products or services at a later date, “just like circling an advertisement in the newspaper”. The press release explains the new features which are E-Mail Reminder, Instant Bookmark and Calendar Download. Mitch Rose, VP of Marketing at Pointroll explains:

“This new feature taps into the consumers’ purchase decision cycle. As a shopper considers various purchase alternatives, it is important for an advertiser to strengthen their chances of being top of mind and part of that consideration set. These tools enhance the advertisers’ ability to be recalled when it counts the most.”

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Successful Pointroll

on September 12, 2003 by Martina Comments

MediaPost presents the case study of Wyndham Hotels online advertising campaign using Pointroll technology. Through its PointRoll campaign, Wyndham is averaging nearly five reservations, 10 room nights, and more than $1,600 in revenue per day. The key is in delivering narrow messages to the users after presenting them with a broad brand message. Excellent results given the tight budget they had to invest in this campaign.

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