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SMS movie quiz game for the US market

on October 1, 2004 by Martina Comments

ILoop Mobile has introduced in the US the first Instant Win and SMS Movie Quiz Game. The entertainment experience is crucial in the mobile environment, as Michael Becker, President and COO, ILoop Mobile explains in the press release announcing the service’s introduction:

“To realize this world we must have interoperability between mobile carriers. Interoperability is crucial to the future of mobile services. ILoop Mobile with its suite of products and services provides this interoperability and empowers ad agencies, brands and promotional firms with the ability to launch mobile content-driven marketing campaigns and social networks that leverage the popularity of text messaging and maximize audience response and loyalty”.

Text messaging is just now gaining momentum in the United States. Worldwide roughly 580 billion text messages will be sent around the world in 2004 versus 10 billion in the United States.

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