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Top 10 web design mistakes of 2005

on October 4, 2005 by Martina Comments

This post is about usability, and yes, the (arrogant) usability guru Jakob Nielsen is the guy who listed the Top 10 web design mistakes of 2005. No matter what’s your role in the agency, remember usability does affect online marketing. A great concept can fail if the text is too small, the website takes a life time to load or only Explorer users can experience it. So read this article carefully and make sure to avoid doing the same mistakes.

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A new era for IAB Europe

on August 3, 2005 by Martina Comments

IAB Europe is preparing for an evolution in its role, acting as a pan-European reference point for agencies, media owners and advertisers. The idea is to work on new international standards as well as on research projects to help the industry’s growth. Quoted on Digital Bulletin, IAB Europe CEO Danny Meadows-Klue said that until now IAB Europe had simply been a support tool for the national IAB network, but from now on, things are going to change. As a first step, it would be nice if IAB Europe will start working on the usability of its own website

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New study on banners & branding

on January 16, 2004 by Martina Comments

NMA reports of a study by Bunnyfoot Universality on banners. Despite the funny name of the research company, the results are quite interesting, although they don’t say anything new: online banners build brand awareness, even if people don’t click on them.

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The usability of PDF

on July 21, 2003 by adverblog Comments

This is not exactly about online advertising, anyway I think it’s somehow connected since it the discussion is on PDF files used for online presentations. The usability guru Jakob Nielsen talks about the matter in his Alertbox, suggesting that:

Users get lost inside PDF files, which are typically big, linear text blobs that are optimized for print and unpleasant to read and navigate online. PDF is good for printing, but that’s it. Don’t use it for online presentation.”

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