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TV advertising still has a future

on August 2, 2005 by Martina Comments

The Guardian (free reg.) quotes a report by media-buying agency Starcom which claims Tv advertising still drives advertising awareness among viewers. Apparently, the main problem with TV spot is that often non relevant ads are shown. So the discussion is not about interruption but rather about relevance of the commercial content. So if we move our focus to content, Starcom found out some brands will have a better TV future than others. Telecoms and entertainment companies are able to build more awareness among viewers than grocery brands and cleaning products. A detailed graph of ad awareness by industry category is available here. If you’re interested in the future of TV advertising, you might enjoy reading Life After the 30-Second Spot: Energize Your Brand with Bold Alternatives to Traditional Advertising by Joseph Jaffe.

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Automotive ads on auto websites increase purchase intent

on June 20, 2005 by Martina Comments

Automotive brands wanting to affect the purchase intent need to advertise on car sites which proved to be much more effective than business, news and sports Web sites. This is what comes out from a research conducted by Dynamic Logic, which evaluated the effectiveness of online campaigns in the automotive industry. For what concerns the “branding effect” all sites bring almost the same results.

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Web + Tv ads boost brand awareness

on January 21, 2004 by Martina Comments

Adding online advertising to a TV campaign boosts brand awareness, but the inclusion does little to impact purchasing decisions, according to new findings from Dynamic Logic. As reported on Yahoo! News, the Web is a particularly effective medium for reinforcing a brand’s sponsorship of an event, cause or other entity.

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New study on banners & branding

on January 16, 2004 by Martina Comments

NMA reports of a study by Bunnyfoot Universality on banners. Despite the funny name of the research company, the results are quite interesting, although they don’t say anything new: online banners build brand awareness, even if people don’t click on them.

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Interactive ads increase brand awareness

on January 13, 2004 by Martina Comments

A new research by Dynamic Logic MarketNorms confirms that interactive ads increase brand awareness to a greater extent than non-interactive ones. As explained on Revolution Magazine, consumers exposed to interactive ads felt more favourably towards the brand than when exposed to a non-interactive ad, and intent to purchase was 2.9% higher.

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Jose Cuervo “Endless Summer” Campaign

on August 25, 2003 by Martina Comments

Jose Cuervo, the tequila maker, wants to drive grassroots awareness of its brand, therefore has decided to run an online campaign in the US to switch Labor Day from the first Monday in September to whatever is the official last day of summer. The news is reported on DMNews today by Mickey Alam Khan who explains that the campaign includes banners, e-mail and the Web site at Jose Cuervo basically wants people to sign up for an online petition to delay summer’s end, later they will send the petition to the US Congress. Sam Chadha, global integrated marketing manager at Jose Cuervo International in New York. says: “For us, it’s getting close to our customers and learning more about them, and CuervoNation is the platform for the brand. The actual promotion mechanics encourage consumers to contact likeminded people to gather as many names as possible”.

Apparently it’s a smart marketing idea to collect names and demographics from online users. Personally I like the fact of using the “Endless Summer” concept, but I believe that such an official looking petition is exaggerated, making the campaign rather dumb. To see some of Cuervo’s banners exposed online, click here, and here.

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