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Automotive ads on auto websites increase purchase intent

June 20, 2005 at 7:43 by Martina Comments

Automotive brands wanting to affect the purchase intent need to advertise on car sites which proved to be much more effective than business, news and sports Web sites. This is what comes out from a research conducted by Dynamic Logic, which evaluated the effectiveness of online campaigns in the automotive industry. For what concerns the “branding effect” all sites bring almost the same results.

Dynamic Logic also explains why the ability of auto websites to drive purchase intent is higher: “Auto site visitors are likely to have a higher level of interest in cars or trucks and may already be more informed than other consumers about vehicles in the marketplace. The messages delivered on auto sites may already be different from those delivered on business/finance, news & info or sports sites. Since auto site visitors may be closer to purchase, advertisers may tailor messaging on these sites to create persuasion rather than awareness. “.

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