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Viral and advergame for Sunsilk Styling

July 25, 2005 at 7:16 by Martina Comments

OgilvyInteractive has created a viral video and a pan-European website to promote Sunsilk Styling (hair) products. The viral video featuring a “man behaving badly” has been distributed to 55,000 women via email. Digital Bulletin reports the campaign has launched in Belgium, UK, Ireland and Finland, and it will be extended to the rest of Europe by the end of the summer.
The website has a nice, trendy look and features original advertainment and infotainment content with an advergame (with an extremely cool graphics) and video with styling advices.

One Response to Viral and advergame for Sunsilk Styling

  1. Avril says:

    Witty Viral. About time we saw entertaining advertising. Too many out there that are trying to be funny but come out “My goodness, what were they thinking when they produced that?!” Must go buy some anti-drop now.

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