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The Hills Have Eyes

March 28, 2006 at 11:39 by Martina Comments

I did a mistake the other day with this post. The website promoting the horror movie Hills Have Eyes features two advergames:
1. One (very scary) game for Australia, created by Soap Creative.
2. One (Schockwave) game for the US, created by Jetset Studios.
What will you do to promote an horror movie? You will first put online a minisite, and then add a two scary advergames. Easy, isn’t it?

Have a look at The Hills Have Eyes minisite (lovely interface) and then go and play the advergame (very scary!) created by Soap Creative. This is the advergame launched for Australia. If

You can select how big you want the game screen to be. Even if you have a fast connection I reccomend the small screen… zombies look really scary and the smaller they appear, the better :-)

2 Responses to The Hills Have Eyes

  1. ben says:

    hey guys - you’ve got the wrong screenshot for the game you’re referring to. that screenshot is for the “Run for the Hills” game that my team created for the orginal domestic site.
    just a heads up.
    neat game though!

  2. Ashley says:

    Sorry Martina,
    I wasn’t clear enough when I emailed the URL through. We (Soap) were responsible only for the Flash Mutant Hunt game. A USA based agency did the site and the Run FOr the Hills 3D game on IGN, which is quite good.
    We in no way wanted to take credit for the main site or the 3D game. Just our smaller game at

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