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What’s your alarmsignal tomorrow?

October 31, 2006 at 10:26 by Martina Comments

From Sweden another excellent digital campaign by Forsman & Bodenfors. Which alarm clock sound or music would you like to wake up with tomorrow morning? The Swedish Radio now offers you with a wide range of ringtones you can download to personalize the alarm clock on your mobile phone: Morgonpasset. Just browse around the bedroom, listen to tons of rum sounds and choose the one you’d like as alarmsignal to begin your day in a pleasant or unpleasant way.

The whole site at the moment is only in Swedish, but I’m lucky because Andreas explained the whole concept, which is actually much richer than a “simple” ringtone download service.

The idea of the site is to promote a morning show on the radio called Morgonpasset (morning shift). Since the main problem for those who would like (or would be supposed) to listen to an early morning show is actually to “wake-up” on time, F&B thought that a providing a alarmsignal would be the perfect trigger to make people jump out of the bed and turn on the radio. They did some research, and they found out that in Sweden (and I believe not only there) roughly 65-70% of young people uses their mobilephone as an alarmclock. The site is online only since 2 days, but the results it is getting are exceeding the expectations, as loads of people are already downloading ringtones.
The service at the moment works only for downloads to Swedish mobile numbers, but the ringtones can be downloaded to the computer from anywhere in the world.

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