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Mission Zero for Pirelli

February 21, 2007 at 7:52 by Martina Comments

Actress Uma Thurman and director Kathryn Bigelow are the two stars involved in the second Pirelli online movie. Last year the tires brand debuted in branded online entertainment with The Call, starring John Malkovich and Naomi Campbell. The new movie, “Mission Zero” has been created to promote the P Zero tyre and features a car chase with Uma Thurman driving a yellow Lamborghini.
Being behind a firewall at work I wasn’t able to watch the movie, but looking at the homepage I can’t avoid saying that the poster seriously reminds me of Kill Bill: the association Uma Thurman / yellow is very strong.

The agencies behind “Mission Zero” are Leo Burnett Italy and Nurun. An interesting side-note copy & pasted from the Nurun press release “The Pirelli Film experience comes at a strategic time in the online video world where predictions of more than 157 million users by 2010 (up from 108 million in 2006) aren’t uncommon (Source: eMarketer). Additionally, a recent report from Strategy Analytics predicts that by the end of 2007, the online video market will grow to $1.5 billion.

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2 Responses to Mission Zero for Pirelli

  1. dan says:

    this has to be the worst online film i have ever seen..what was pirelli thinking wasting millions on this self indulgent film which is:
    a – really really boring and without a point
    b- totally self indulgent and stupid
    it does more to turn me off pirelli than entertain me..even uma thurman was pathetic in it…
    seriously, pirelli…get a clue

  2. Mister Ham says:

    Same opinion as the other post. Just sent the link to a friend with the subject: how to burn money. BMW did it right with bmw-films, but this here is really really bad. Just action and the car is much more interesting than the tires. The final benefit of the tire is brought to us in such a weak way. A simulator! C’mon! Thats science fiction. Weak Weak, but good executed.
    And uma is acting bad. Sorry.

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