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Sex machine hits the road

March 10, 2007 at 9:08 by Martina Comments

From Italy, another clear example of urban spam… there’s a car parked out of the Erotika sex shop, with all the windows covered by stickers representing hard scenes, looking carefully inside the car it seems there are 6 guys, 3 boys and 3 girls, having sex. On the car’s doors there are stickers saying “Toys you can’t wait to use“. The agency is Leagas Delaney Italia.

Boh… what shall I say? The concept reminds me too much of Candid Camera… You know, sex sells, sex grab’s people attention (yes, I’m also writing about this campaign), but I find the whole thing quite weak and not very original. Would be more interesting to look at the results. How many people saw the car and then walked into the sex shop in front of it? The answer to this question would be the best evaluation of the campaign.

2 Responses to Sex machine hits the road

  1. Danny says:

    As ever it would depend on the objective… If the objective was to drive sales sure – but over what period of time would you measure it? What % would you attribute to the ‘media’ and to the ‘message’? Or should they measure based on column inches (to which we have added a few) of coverage? Or another.
    And we can always apply the same effectiveness questions to TV ads… the ATL chaps have still not worked it out. To be fair, assuming the average sex shop is not goin to pay the fees of LD, maybe they approached the brief as a charity prject to how their creativity and the actual objective was discussion of them, not the client?

  2. pinkinside says:

    It seems to me that everybody looks at the car and no one watch the shop – that’s what they want? i dont think so. therefore I think it is bad ad.

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