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Dove launches Evolution follow-up

October 1, 2007 at 12:37 by Mark Comments

Following the success of the award winning Dove Evolution video, part of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, Dove is now launching the follow up: Onslaught. It’s a short film featuring a young girl being bombarded with hundreds of images of female perfection, drawing attention to the need for a wider definition of beauty in society. The campaign is made by Ogilvy.

5 Responses to Dove launches Evolution follow-up

  1. LivePaola says:

    Not bad at all. Well done, Ogilvy.

  2. AdGuy says:

    won’t even make the shortlist at cannes next year. dove evolution was a fluke from the start. this is meant to win, so it wont.

  3. Cris says:

    great approach to the beauty, great approach to the web.

  4. richard loggins says:

    Dove is playing with fire and those clueless Creatives at Ogilvy are just, well, clueless. The campaign to this point has been innocuous and serviceable I suppose, but they have crossed a line in having the nerve to Deign themselves as advisors to parents. Let us not forget, for a moment, that Dove, a complicit memeber of the beauty industry, is a product of Unilevers. The beauty messaging that they tell you to warn your kids about is the beauty messaging Unilever took a huge role in perfecting. Axe body spray (you know, the bikini bimbos), Oil of Olay (defy age), and Slim Fast are but a few of Unilevers stable of products. To provide guidance to parents while attacking their kids is, imho, disturbing and ineffective. Maybe all us ad folks can sit around and pat each other on the back…but I dont think consumers are as stupid as we are.

  5. Mike Kasprow says:

    Good use of the web? Are you kidding me? It’s a TV ad in a video window with a play button. The rest is nonsense.

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