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The McPoland site

January 8, 2008 at 9:10 by Martina Comments

Let’s refresh ourselves with some web ideas from countries we don’t mention very often. For example, today I point you to the new site of McDonalds in Poland, very nicely designed by Endorfine.


My favourite part of the site is the store locator, probably too dark and mysterious to be in line with the McD brand, but definitely kind of fascinating (and now ask me how can a store locator be fascinating… ??!! :-) .


The site also features a racing cars advergame, nothing original, but I liked it anyway, as I always enjoy playing the games that remind me so much of the old Amiga times…


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6 Responses to The McPoland site

  1. I never tought I would say that, but a cool Mc Do site. wow!
    The loading is still a little bit annoying (at least from Canada) but the overall aspect is great.

  2. Andrew says:

    Great post, extremely impressive website, especially for McDonalds.
    Will be interesting to see if this is adapted in other countries

  3. Interesting to see a McD site that takes a step away from the happy-happy-have a nice day ‘dresscode’. However, as much as I like its style, the store locator seems to come straight out of a eighties style cold-war spygame. Amiga anyone?

  4. Clement says:

    Many nice ideas on this website.
    As an international comparison :
    McD .com/usa/ : Poor
    McD .ca : Pretty Poor as well
    McD : Different from CA+USA = Full-flash, but way behind PL :)
    McD .fr : Fullflash, but not very… eccentric
    McD : Fullflash, not very eccentric either
    McD .de : Fullflash, hum, different :)
    McD .it : Very McD style
    McD .es : .fr in .es :)
    McD : Portal Style
    etc etc :)

  5. Wow is the right comment for that great project.
    10 of ten points from germany!
    I’ve never seen a better website of (in Germany called) McDoof

  6. Ukaef says:

    Sometimes it is great to be from Poland ;)

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