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The Gap in the Sound of Color

February 28, 2008 at 10:07 by Martina Comments

The Sound of Color is a collaborative project launched by Gap. 5 colors, 5 musicians, 5 directors. Colors for inspiration, music for emotions, and videos to suggest a visual representation of such feelings.

It’s a very interesting and inspiring project. However, in my opinion, the website, and by website I mean the way the project is communicated online, lacks of passion and inspiration. It’s a one way show, you watch what the artists have produced but you cannot add your piece and your point of you to the representation of colors. I don’t want to force UGC in all online projects, but I feel that here Gap missed a valuable opportunity to interact with its target.
The agency behind the idea is Rehab.

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One Response to The Gap in the Sound of Color

  1. Zoltan says:

    its also a direct copy from adidas’ adicolor launch campaign from 2 years ago (but now where near as good).
    What is interesting though is that they’re allowing the artists to keep the copyright and use the songs/vids as they wish in the future

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