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Cartier, love anaesthetized

July 13, 2008 at 2:36 by Martina Comments

Last month Cartier celebrated the day of love (on June 19th), launching a bracelet, a charity project and a website. Several artists who have been asked “How far would you go for love?” came back with music tracks and short movies that answer the question.


Altought the contents seem to be quite cool, the site looks pretty flat, and not emotional at all. The interface and the animations aren’t able to create an atmosphere, they’re just boxes filled with contents, but they aren’t able to make you feel the love around. Love is a great subject to create a digital project around, but here Cartier definitely missed an opportunity :-(

3 Responses to Cartier, love anaesthetized

  1. evairidella says:

    Hi all,
    Anyone does know something spicy about the new Secret Obsession’s spot?
    I know in Us was banned…

  2. Buzzing Bees says:

    Indeed a huge missed opportunity. How come haute couture brands are never able to make ads with deeper emotions? You would think they have the budget to do great things, but they keep on producing shallow ads and thereby confirming their negative image…

  3. Valebasco says:

    I think that the problems are others…you cant’Know if the campaign is interesting because the media don’t allow us to see it.
    I have tried to find Secret Obsession’s spot on YouTube, is it possible that it is banned also from there?

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