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Ikea wardrobe experience

July 14, 2008 at 1:46 by Martina Comments

In Sweden Ikea and Forsman & Bodenfors are back with a crazy “in the wardrobe” experience. A great branding campaign where music plays a key role to entertain and drive further exploration of the site.


The characters in each room are weird enough to get your attention and make you wonder “what the hell is going on here?”. From the superheroes to the mustached twins, Ikea seems to be able to content (and contain) everybody.

Also, if you don’t like the music they are playing, you can upload your own .mp3 and be the deejay in the wardrobe. But the coolest thing is that if you activate your microphone you can actually make the characters move with your voice!


Even if the stop motion visual communication approach isn’t new for Ikea, I continue to like it, because it mixes branding and product marketing in an entertaining way. Given Ikea’s target audience (and I’m in it) it works pretty well in generating a good amount of traffic to the site (not only from those who work in interactive :-) Also, I find brilliant the fact that they keep adding small cool details (the voice control in this case) to the already strong concept, increasing its longevity and appeal. What will be next?

3 Responses to Ikea wardrobe experience

  1. Most on-target idea in quite a while. Excellent branding, great product placement, relevance and extreme cool all together. You don’t get that every day. Good job Forsman & Bodenfors

  2. Mithun says:


  3. Nick Kinports says:

    Really fantastic stuff. Forsman & Bodenfors created a usable, exciting, and just downright fun campaign.

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