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Lost on the Corona Beach

July 30, 2008 at 9:46 by Martina Comments

I realize that looking at a beer website in a hot summer night with cannot produce an objective review… but I’ll give a try anyway ;-) and if you read this post until the end you’ll see… The destination is the Corona Beach, (not so) recently launched by Big Spaceship.


The site is beautifully designed. And this is it. There are a few very good TV spots to watch, wallpapers to download and a gallery of print ads, nothing more than this. However everything is beautiful, sunny and saturated enough to make you wish for a beer.


However, for a brand like Corona I don’t think a beautiful but content flat website can work in the long term. You simply have no reason to come back nor to tell your friends about it. We all know how difficult (and expensive) it is to generate clicks with an online media campaign, this brings me to the (obvious) conclusion that any website one puts online must be conceived to either generate repeated visits (over time, not necessarily daily or weekly) or word of mouth. Of course if you both things you rock. If do none of the two, then you suck.
What do you think? Is one-visit branding still worth the investment in today’s online landscape?

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9 Responses to Lost on the Corona Beach

  1. Armando Alves says:

    I remember when i first posted about the Corona website i had the same feeling: will someone get me a Corona, please ?
    Coronoa could enhance the campaign with some social media component. A widget with the sand game would be nice. BTW, have you scrolled to the left / right on the beach ? There’s a few more hidden goodies there.
    On the one-visit branding, it all goes down to how the experience reflects in the long-term recall. Even if you visited once, as long as you remember it a few months later it’s still effective. For instance, i only visited subservient chicken 3 times, but it’s something that i still remember today. The same goes for Get The Milk.
    Both great campaigns, but with long longevity. If you’re looking for short term frequency, you’d better stick with something like icanhascheezburger. Just kidding.

  2. Buzzing Bees says:

    I allready longed for a beer just by glancing at your first screenshot. So did you, and so did Armando. Maybe that short moment of need for the product was all they aimed for…

  3. gromain says:

    i don’t get it. the ads are boring. the easter eggs are obvious. the website is beautifully designed, ok, but this looks like a “client” side website to me.

  4. Martina says:

    Thanks for your feedback. But I’m not convinced yet ;-) Next time I’ll buy a beer at the supermarket is going to be a 1664. Even if I never visited their website (or maybe I don’t remember having done that).

  5. Joe Koufman says:

    Where’s the beef? No content = no return visits…

  6. Victor says:

    Coors made a good hot site associating Cerveza y Chicas around coldness y hotness, pretty interesting, check it:

  7. Hendry says:

    A typical example of a production company trying to create the idea. It looks good (what Big Spaceship do well) but conceptually it just doesn’t come off.
    In a year from now when the execution wears off, we will struggle to see the idea.

  8. Daniel Granatta says:

    as far as i remember, it’s BBDO NY who are in charge of the relaunch of the Corona brand, i don’t know if the idea of that site comes from Big Spaceship… :)

  9. to be honest theres not that much effort being put into the beauty of a website. sure theres tons of training required but most web designers and multi produce sites rapidly

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