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Axe, it’s hot in Rio

August 1, 2008 at 9:39 by Martina Comments

Advergames with a sexy touch are an habit in Axe’s online marketing strategy. The latest one comes from South America, it has been created by Lowe Mexico, but it’s based in Brazil, in the hot Rio de Janeiro. Yes, Rio is terrribly hot, and with so many beautiful girls around sweaty armpits are boys’ worst nightmare. Luckly, there is Axe Seco Ultra Focus.


A funny and strong product related concept for a nicely developed game, quite basic in its gameplay, but definitely worth generating some buzz.


via Colmeia

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One Response to Axe, it’s hot in Rio

  1. dudu says:

    Hi Martina.
    In fact, the game was created and developed by colmeia - Lowe Mexico hired us for a creative treatment and execution on this.

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