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Uniqlo Barbie style

March 8, 2009 at 10:50 by Martina Comments

Uniqlo has just launched a new microsite to present it Women collection. The world they picture this time is all pink and you can’t help thinking about Barbie with a touch of Pink Panther.


The project focus is on delivering a nice experience that drives online sales. The tecnique is the same they used a few weeks ago for the parka collection: a cool intro animation that provides an overview of the collection and gets consumers’ attention, and then a flat yet nicely done slideshow with all the models to click, discover and purchase.


2 Responses to Uniqlo Barbie style

  1. CPB says:

    I like the intro sound of Uniqlo’s homepage.. Nice.. Fit the needs of girls..

  2. Beatriz says:

    The great thing about is solving one of our key issues when going into a store to buy things, the right way to wear and combine the article in a complete outfit proposal. We usually do this exercise in our minds, when we are in the store, so the help I guess will be appreciated.

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