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Uniqlo Barbie style

on March 8, 2009 by Martina Comments

Uniqlo has just launched a new microsite to present it Women collection. The world they picture this time is all pink and you can’t help thinking about Barbie with a touch of Pink Panther.

The project focus is on delivering a nice experience that drives online sales. The tecnique is the same they used a few weeks ago for the parka collection: a cool intro animation that provides an overview of the collection and gets consumers’ attention, and then a flat yet nicely done slideshow with all the models to click, discover and purchase.

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I’m a Barbie Girl!

on May 4, 2007 by Martina Comments

Mattel has recently launched an online community for 7-12 years old girls. I’ve found it out through Contagious, and even if when I was young(er) I never played with a Barbie (am I the only girl on earth who never owned a Barbie?) I really felt like signing up to explore the BarbieGirls world. In the Barbie online community world everything is pink (of course!) and very nicely designed. The site is still in beta-version, but it’s already full of features to explore. The welcome page shows a short animation which explains what is going to happen on the site, and definitely works to encourage sign-ups. Young girls can create their personalized character and also design their rooms setting the rules for entering in it (nobody can enter, everybody can, or just friends are allowed). Most of the features are free and open to everybody, but some tools are available only to those who buy the Barbie mp3 player (which will be available in July).

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