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Cannes Diary 2

June 19, 2009 at 9:56 by Mark Comments

Today was all about blowing into microphones and adding yourself into the scene via webcams – all good but no real ideas, just technology use. See a selection of tweets below from 5 different jury members which gives an insight into what we are thinking.


# For reasons that remain unknown to me, upside down emails are a bona fide trend this year
#Bizarre mash-up of the day: M. I. A’s “Paper Planes” playing during a demo about the efficiency of a business email.
#Overkill part deux an email that needs q quicktime movie explanation
#New heights of over-explaining: Just seen a banner that’s accompanied by a documentary.
# Seeing things that nobody should see. Like a fake youtube with a fake view count on it.
#blow, jury, blow!!!!!!about
#A viral entry with 30 views… leaving a leaflet on the street gets more viral than that!
# I just laughed out loud 5 times during one video. That’s more than in 30 others combined. I smell metal!

#I can hear the sad sad sound of people blowing into microphones to activate online ads. The world is rotten.
#A ‘viral’ with 155 views. I view my own videos that many times just to check they’ve uploaded properly ;-)
#A clip featuring lesbians on the Internet with under 5,000 views. You’ll only see that when judging ‘viral’ videos
# “The twist is…” It’s not a good sign when you have to explain the funny part before someone watches your banner.
#Watching an entry from BISCHHOEFLICHES HILFSWERK MISEREOR. I’m glad I’m not the one answering the phone at their company.
# One of the best things I’ve seen all day and I don’t have to blow into it –
#First 340 sites down (which is 1/5 of total entries as we were split into groups of 5) – let the madness of shortlisting begin!
#Inside the Cyber judging room at Cannes – and
#If I see another “upload your face” app within a microsite I’m gonna shoot my screen!
Update by Martina: you can read Mark’s tweets at Lars Bastholm is also tweeting live from the Cyberlions room.

3 Responses to Cannes Diary 2

  1. rafael j. says:

    Thanks for the reporting! Could you share the Twitter accounts of yourself and fellow jurors, to follow the action in real time?

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