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Whisper: Happy it’s here

August 26, 2009 at 6:39 by Martina Comments

This morning, when I opened Valerie’s email at first I thought… ehm, what the hell is she sending me… even if I’m a woman, I don’t want to go online to learn more about “those days”… But then I put on my professional “mask”, I gave the website a look, and I changed my mind.


Arc Worldwide Singapore did an excellent job in handling a taboo topic such as the menstrual cycle. And they did well because they thought differently. Instead of thinking about the product they were asked to promote, they thought about the consumers and about what really matters to them.


As Valerie Cheng, creative director of the project, explained me, the insight they started from is “Deep down, women are thankful each time their period arrives, as it’s the sign of a healthy, functioning body. But over time they lose appreciation of it, or view it negatively.” So they built a website that tells you what happens to your body at each stage of the 28 day cycle. The mixed useful information with a gentle and pleasant visual approach. Very nice illustrations and background music (with a Seventies mood) which prove to have a relaxing effect of visitors.


Even the downloads section is worth having a look with a lovely set of MSN Messenger icons you can use (or better, teenagers can use :-) to express their mood in a chat.


4 Responses to Whisper: Happy it’s here

  1. Buzzing Bees says:

    I loved this website too, and I’m a man! Should I worry, or is this very well done? ;-)
    One remark though: how many people will know what brand is hiding behind this? The logo is very hidden and there is no product placement. And why would you want to hide your brand in a goodwill campaign like this?
    Oh, and on a sidenote: I read the url like :-)

  2. Martina says:

    Yeah, you are right, maybe branding is a bit too subtle.
    Didn’t notice the URL thing… very very borderline :-) ))

  3. Bryan Sharp says:

    Ya gotta give them credit for trying to put a positive spin on the period.
    My favorite part of the site is all the little blurbs in the background — “I like it!” “It’s fun!” I need to hook-up with a girl who’s that easy to entertain:
    “Baby, do you want to go the movies?”
    “No thanks! Having too much fun bleeding!”
    The site’s music is quite soothing. That music should play when the cap is popped off a bottle of Motrin. I think it would really improve the situation.
    Thanks for posting this one, Martina.

  4. Jo says:

    I can’t help finding it a little patronising – treating all women as the same just because they share biological functions is one of my bug-bears and to do so on a site aimed at women makes it seem more acceptable. In terms of content, this site plays up to the worst female stereotypes and does nothing to enhance the image of women as differentiated humans rather than mestruating cliches. “Just steer clear of nasty stressful situations for the next few days and you’ll be fine” – really? Do we need a site which pretty much states women can’t cope with normal life during their period?

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