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Video of the day: A Dog Day Afternoon

March 13, 2012 at 2:40 by Martina Comments

As my job and my career are evolving, I’m becoming more and more a fan of video storytelling. From TV commercials, to branded short movies, music video clips and random individual projects, I just love admiring the ability that some people has to tell stories, engage, entertain, explain places and share feelings using a video camera and a good dose of ability and creativity. There is so much talent out there, that every day I happen to watch at least one video that grabs my attention, this is why I decided to start a regular (possibly) daily feature here on Adverblog, to celebrate the heroes of Vimeo and not only.

Let’s start this new healthy habit with an awesome music video shot from the first person, ops, first dog perspective. Dave Meinert has created this fantastic music video for Johnny Neon, starring Lemon, a friend’s dog. The footage was captured using a GoPro camera strapped to the back of Lemon. It might make you a bit motion sick, but it’s totally worth watching. Enjoy!

via Propaganda3

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