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Tippexperience 2 : the hunter and the bear are back

April 11, 2012 at 9:57 by Laurent Comments

After the worldwide success (50 million views and multiple awards) of the Hunter vs Bear campaign for Tipp-Ex, everyone was wondering if Buzzman agency would be able to take up the challenge of a sequel. Job done.

In 2010, the Hunter and the Bear proposed us to rewrite the story. This year, Season 2 goes further by giving us the power to rewrite History.

Try by yourself :

Once again the Youtube platform is fully and perfectly used providing a fun and entertaining experience.  There are 46 different scenes available and 8 scenes that will require interactions. This hunt for Easter eggs is a key trigger that will probably lead this new campaign to success. The time spent by user should reach high levels again.

This second season is not a revolution. It is a loyal sequel, well executed, with lots of little treasures to discover. My favorites are probably the following years : 1989, 2000, 1980 … Which ones are yours ?

Kudos go to Buzzman, helped by Les Télécréateurs for film production and Les 84 for web production

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