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Ad agency launches App instead of campaign

May 11, 2012 at 12:46 by Bridget Comments

To celebrate it’s 20th anniversary, Taxi is giving something back to the people of Montreal.  It’s great to see an agency do something for and with a community – and the advertising that goes around it is great too.  This generous act will no doubt be repaid with ‘award gold’.

In canada the return of spring means the return of potholes.  The new mobile app and service called “pothole season” was initiated in an effort to help improve the reactivity of the local council in identify and repairing potholes in Montreal.  Some clever creative technology meant that the potholes were automatically detected and recorded each time the car “bumped” over a pothole.

A nice stunt showing “the mother of all potholes” kicked off the campaign.

Great outdoor execution showed the collateral damage for ”pothole victims” - smeared lipstick, spilt coffee or donut faceplant.

.. and a smart use of google maps added the potholes to streetview.


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