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The Student’s Corner: DHL Friend Express

May 16, 2012 at 6:50 by Martina Comments

In Singapore punctuality among young generations is not a very diffused virtue. To correct this bad habit and promote DHL’s ability to always deliver on time, Uni Lee a student at the LASALLE College of the Arts come up with the DHL Friend Express concept. Select friend, date and appointment time and send a DHL service to pick him/her up to be delivered perfectly on time to your date.


The concept is pretty fun, and I like that fact that it starts from a real local insight. I do miss the connection with the DHL brand and product a bit, as here the main target audience are everyday (young) consumers, while my feeling is that DHL might look more at the B2B market. Anyways the case study is presented in an awesome way, and it’s great to see that a student has received so much access to the brand and its assets.

*DHL has asked us to remove the video has it violates some kind of licensing. This is super weird and kind of unpleasant. Apparently Uni Lee was only allowed to submit the video to run for advertising student awards. Again, super silly, but we choose to comply not to get him in trouble.

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