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WWF Together : a great iPad app for a good cause

January 18, 2013 at 11:52 by Laurent Comments

WWF has launched a beautiful iPad app, called WWF Together, with AKQA, to raise awareness on endangered species.

Ok let’s be honest and transparent. Here is a personal disclaimer : I feel concerned by wildlife conservation, I have a great interest in nice iPad apps, well executed and which can offer education with fun, I love photography, infographics, and I have a lot of respect for WWF and AKQA.

For all these reasons I might not be totally objective. So let see by yourselves :

Let’s be fair, beautiful work by AKQA, the execution is beautiful, and the app provides great content. The pictures are amazing and the use of native iPad features provides a nice experience.


The origami instructions are a great idea. At the end the all content is shareable. And in the first place shareable in real life, with your kids for instance. Transmission is essential, and I think this mix of education, fun, technology and graphism is a great way to get new generations aware of these critical situations. Once again WWF manages to create affection to alert us on the necessity of wildlife conservation, in a modern and beautiful way.

You can get more details on the WWF Together website and download the app here.

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