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Experimental branding: Giving freshness a sound

June 18, 2013 at 8:45 by Nikolaj Comments

This is a project that I was involved in and I would love to hear your feedback. It’s a collaboration between electronic music producer j.viewz and It’s for the online shop of Irma, a high quality chain of grocery stores in Denmark. It’s been around for 127 years (making it the second oldest in the world), and is an institution here in Denmark that has always represented high standards.

As such they’re quite conservative and have never actually advertised on tv before let alone created videos intended for viral distribution. It’s a long story but basically I discovered this guy, j.viewz, from NY that played Teardrop on vegetables, via a tweet. I thought he was amazing so we convinced the client, to fly him over to be a part of the campaign.

The TVC focusses on what we believe to be the number one barrier for online grocery shopping: It is not natural for humans to ask someone else to choose what we eat. By introducing the staff as the nose, eyes and taste buds of the customer we aim to break down that barrier. While the musician is briefly introduced in the spot, he is the main attraction of the viral videos. The location is the actual facilities of I think it’s a good example of adverting that isn’t advertising. Do you agree?

Agency: Republica
ECD: Peter Zimmermann
CDs: Winnie Korse & Nikolaj Fremming (Me)
Account Director: Cathrine Borre
Director: Michael Langhoff
DOP: Peter Riis
Production: Uitch Iscratch
Editors: Jimmy Fallinski, Michael Balle, j.viewz
Post production: Gimmick
Sound Design: j.viewz & Supersonic
Music (TVC): Far Too Close by j.viewz

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