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Experimental branding: Giving freshness a sound

on June 18, 2013 by Nikolaj Comments

This is a project that I was involved in and I would love to hear your feedback. It’s a collaboration between electronic music producer j.viewz and It’s for the online shop of Irma, a high quality chain of grocery stores in Denmark. It’s been around for 127 years (making it the second oldest in the world), and is an institution here in Denmark that has always represented high standards. Read more…

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The sexy Red Cross

on June 6, 2005 by Martina Comments

The French Red Cross (Croix Rouge) has been running a viral campaign to find supporters and spread the word about its service. The video is funny and sexy, probably something you don’t expect from a charity. [Link via Marketing Alternatif]

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Clerasil punishes the 2 idiots

on May 20, 2005 by Martina Comments

In Belgium Clerasil has launched a rather disgusting viral campaign to promote its products against pimples. Luc and Sara star in the “In your face” video. They’re two (idiot) teenagers full of pimples, because the don’t use Clerasil, who have to be punished by the public. Young users visiting the site are presented with series of possible punishments to choose. The most voted option will be featured in the video the following week. The initiative lasts three weeks and allows voters to win a wide range of prizes. The campaign has been created by Axes2, the digital division of McCann-Erickson Belgium (good to see their latest news is dated October 2004…) [News via Digimedia]

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Easy Fridays for Nivea

on May 18, 2005 by Martina Comments

Skive Creative is behind the new online marketing initiative by Nivea. The cosmetics brand is advertising its moisturising cream for young women through a microsite that allows girls to create a personalised “invitation” for a night out with friends. As usual, the viral touch is included.

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If Smirnoff made trunks…

on October 30, 2003 by Martina Comments

This title stands out on the entry page of a microsite launched by Smirnoff to support a viral email campaign recently launched in the UK. On the microsite users can create their own movie trailers, engaging friends and making them laugh. A very nice and funny idea that will probably help Smirnoff collecting quite a few new email addresses to target next campaigns. PS: If you want to build your movie trailer too, you need to cheat the entry page, by saying that you live in England and, of course, you’re older than 18

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Virgin Mobile likes to make it viral

on August 21, 2003 by Martina Comments

Digital Media Communications has just released a new online buzz campaign called “Red Academy” for Virgin Mobile. The campaign features a digital film clip called ‘Friends’ that pokes fun at the Orange campaign by introducing viewers to the Virgin Mobile ‘Red Academy’ and its childlike Machiavellian character Damien who compels naive trainees to “forget phone functions and simply phone friends”. You can have a look at the Friends film on DMC’s Web site. As reported today in Mobile Youth newsletter, recently Virgin Mobile has announced that it has reached 3,000,000 customers, confirming its position as the fastest growing network ever seen in Britain.

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Heineken viral campaign

on August 20, 2003 by Martina Comments

Create fake headlines on magazines like Maxim or Sporting News and then send them to friends. This is the idea of Heinken’s recent viral campaign lauched in the US. Have a look at it on its web site. Nice!

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Sony goes viral

on July 22, 2003 by adverblog Comments

In today’s Digital Bulletin you can learn more about Sony’s recent campaign aimed to raise awareness of portable devices such as MD and CD Walkman. The campaing with the brand message “You make it a Sony” will run online but also through music festivals and other music channels all across Europe. The viral buzz will be spread by Cake Group, which has a very original Web site I reccomend to visit (even though I’m not sure that I like it . Pay attention to the “hot cakes” part… it can make you sick…

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