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Valentine’s Lovetattoo

February 4, 2004 at 8:37 by Martina comments

I’ve received my first Valentine’s card from “a secret blog reader” or, better, I should say from “a smart marketer” (with a viral attitude :-) .
There isn’t much romance in the card, but it’s certainly able to get a woman’s attention and, most of all, to kickstart a word of mouth effect. There is an (almost) naked butt with a tattoo saying “Panlogic loves Adverblog”. If you go to you can get yourself a Valentine’s butt too.
The initiative is branded Last Minute, while the creative has been developed by Panlogic.

One Response to Valentine’s Lovetattoo

  1. wile says:

    Don’t think so bad… he could ever be a genuine lover… marketers love you…

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