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“Just Add Value,” my advice to planners everywhere

on March 1, 2014 by Ana Comments

I was lucky enough to be interviewed at Julian Cole’s Planning Salon, where I talked about the role of planners in the new advertising ecosystem where digital-first brands, startups and traditional brands all vie for customers and profit. See more details here.

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Did you know that your selfie reveals your bra size? And did you know there’s a business in this?

on February 23, 2014 by Ana Comments

ThirdLove (the name is a bit of a stretch, but let’s disregard that for now) is an app that allows women to easily find bras that fit them, completely remotely.

The technology seems to work, and this being the case, the whole thing sounds pretty revolutionary. Virtual fitting can push e-Commerce on a completely new level. Described as “quick and impressively accurate,” the app uses advanced image recognition technology employing computer vision and image recognition algorithms to size up women’s body shape and size in relation to the selfies on her smarphone. It’s the ultimate personalized shopping experience, literally in the hands of consumers. Best part is, the ThirdLove doesn’t only recommend the best bras, it actually makes them so they fit each individual customer perfectly.

I can’t wait for this technology to expand in all categories of retailing, from dresses to jeans and shoes. Great stuff.

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Real-time Vines become Pepsi Max ads

on February 23, 2014 by Ana Comments

I’ve been waiting for a brand to execute something like this for, like, forever. The mix of social content, short video formats, real-time feeds and interactive outdoors spaces make for a compelling social-interactive-brand campaigns. Perfect.

As part of its wider “Live for Now” campaign, Pepsi has done exactly the above. The soft drinks brand asked users to submit their “unbelievable” Vine videos for a chance to be featured on one of the company’s many outdoor billboards across the seven cities in the UK. Hashtag is #livefornow, if you think you have something unbelievable to share

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Staring at fish makes me happy

on February 23, 2014 by Ana Comments

Staring at the aquarium can be so relaxing … fish are so clam, and they float, and everything is green and bubbly. To bring this feeling of calm closer to the busy people at work, Mindworks Innovation Lab created an app called It’s a virtual aquarium (and the graphics are extremely pretty) filled with real fish. While the app doesn’t have the calming sound of water filter, it does provide a regular time-out for office workers as the timer at the bottom of the screen displays countdown of when the food is due next.

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Who stole my ads?!?

on February 23, 2014 by Ana Comments

I love both this idea and somewhat unexpected consequences of its execution. In her art project, Paris artist replaced all the outdoor advertising from selected Parisian streets with the work of classical art. Often, we are all too acutely aware of the environmental “noise” that billboards screaming at us create: “buy this to be beautiful!”, “buy this to be successful!”, “buy this to be rich!” It turns out that classical art pieces  have the exactly opposite effect: they are calming, beautiful, and make the city dwelling experience more elevated. Something for advertisers to think about.

We’ve seen something similar already happening last year in the UK where 22,000 of billboards were overtaken by artworks as part of the “Art Everywhere” project.

The only downside of the ideas like this is that passer-bys are to habituated to screaming commercial images that they stopped to react to the art ones as well.

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Steve Jobs to appear on the USPS stamp

on February 23, 2014 by Ana Comments

The rumor is that collectible stamps with Steve Jobs face are scheduled for 2015. This is pretty neat news but there’s more to it, as Anil Dash put it: “It’s great that they’re putting Steve Jobs on a postage stamp. Next they should honor him by putting his face on a CD player & a Blackberry.” True.

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Wearable technology database you have been waiting for

on February 17, 2014 by Ana Comments

This is an amazing, amazing resource. It’s basically a compilation of all possible wearable devices, by the area of body and the function these devices perform. It is incredibly easy to navigate and incredibly useful for your next brainstorm. Now, extending your brand thinking to products and services has become slightly easier. Credits go to @bud_caddell for discovering this gem. You can see the full list of wearable tech devices at the bottom of the site.

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A really, really long list of things that iPhone replaced

on February 17, 2014 by Ana Comments

The list is really long, so let’s begin: iPhone 4S incorporated the crazy amount of capabilities previously provided by other technologies/devices:

- 50 pounds of books (via Kindle, iBooks)

- Kindle e-reader

- Daily newspaper

- Digital camera

- Holga film camera (via Instagram, ToyCamera app)

- Pocket foreign language dictionaries

- Scanner (via Genius Scan)

- Bank ATMs (via USAA’s app, which allows deposits via snapshot)

- GPS device

- Road maps / printouts from Mapquest and Google Maps

- Reporter’s notebook (I find tapping out notes isn’t any slower than writing them)

- Voice recorder

- Handwritten grocery lists (via DropBox-syncing Plaintext)

- Nintendo DS

- iPod

- Radio (via NPR app / Hype Machine / iTunes / Spotify / Pandora)

- Paper comics (via Comixology)

- Set-top box remote (via the Roku app)

- Paper receipt file (via EZ receipts)

From this article.

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IKEA Wonderful Everyday: Romantic, Meaningful, Sustainable

on February 16, 2014 by Ana Comments

This IKEA campaign is beautiful. It’s called “the Wonderful Everyday” and it’s running in UK and Ireland. TV spots depict IKEA LED lighting illuminating a dark forest, and are aimed at promoting IKEA’s focus on sustainability. LED lightbulbs are energy efficient and last way longer than regular lightbulbs.

Credits for creating this lovely campaign go to Mother London.

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A must read: Branding potential of the most popular mobile apps

on February 16, 2014 by Ana Comments

There is a recurring joke among early adopters of ever-new mobile apps about how unsavvy most brands are when building their presence on apps like Vine, Snapchat or Secret. This attitude comes from the belief that most apps are thoroughly brand-unfriendly. But is that really so? As with everything else, however, brand behavior on new mobile apps needs to feel organic to the medium. Do not interrupt, be useful is a good first rule of thumb. Via Adweek.

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