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2012 In Review facebook, twitter, YouTube

on December 18, 2012 by Mark Comments

Seems like every major social media platform is now onto the Year in Review concept. Given the masses of data that these guys would have it actually make for some pretty cool reading when you drill down to country level. You can get the sentiment of your nation and either remember with joy or sorrow the moments we shared. Read more…

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Nike - Find your greatness

on July 25, 2012 by Mark Comments

The greatest event when it comes to sports, the Olympic Games, are about to begin in London in a couple of days. But greatness is everywhere, according to this inspirational piece launched today by Nike: Read more…

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Obama: The road we’ve traveled

on March 9, 2012 by Mark Comments

A neat one, to start Obama’s 2012 campaign, directed by Academy Award winning Davis Guggenheim, a trailer of what seems to be a documentary about the things done between 2008-2012: “The road we’ve traveled”.

Could be a follow-up of that fantastic site called WTF Obama has done so far?

(via Cesar Calderon)

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Volkswagen 2012: The Bark Side

on January 19, 2012 by Mark Comments

(via and by Jerome Austria)

Funny one, check VW’s 2012 SuperBowl Commercial teaser, a group of dogs barking the Imperial March from Star Wars:

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