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Audi Quattro Experience

on March 10, 2013 by Bridget Comments

Audi set out to demonstrate the legendary road hugging capabilities of the A4 through an interactive & socially enabled installation.  Passers-by could race one of 3 miniature Audis - controlling the car via iPad.  The craft skills are incredible and the idea is really nice.  However, I was disappointed when I saw some of the real race videos that were published.  It seems that the cars regularly wipe out on the corners which is a shame given the purpose of the installation.   Read more…

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Interior design via digital design yum

on November 30, 2011 by Mark Comments

I love the clash of the old and the new. This installation does it brilliantly. For 350 years the Unversitylibrary Breman has organized and structured information to make it accessible to visitors. As you can imagine, the library has been witness to the incredible evolution of information sharing from paper to digital. To celebrate, this installation titled Wandern im Wissen (Wandering in Knowledge) serves as a representation of the endless flow of shared thought over the years. Via Read more…

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