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Get to know your breasts better : #itouchmyselfproject

on May 30, 2014 by Bridget Comments

By the age of 85, one in eight Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Detecting breast cancer early is the most important factor in beating this disease. The Cancer Council NSW is encouraging women to get to know their breasts better, to know what is normal for them and to participate in breast screening if they’re in the right age range.

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Blogged & Bound portrays fashion bloggers

on June 11, 2012 by Tim Comments

Ever wondered what makes a passionate fashion blogger tick? ‘Blogged and Bound’, a branded content project for Toni & Guy Hair Products, answers that question. Portraying 20 of Australia’s most popular fashion bloggers Tony & Guy captured these bloggers’ audiences as well anyone interested in the world of fashion and hairstyles. Read more…

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Vodafone targets cynical mobile users

on July 25, 2005 by Martina Comments

In Australia, mobile carrier Vodafone has launched an integrated advertising campaign to target consumers who show cynicism and distrust towards the “mobile deals” offered on the market. Rosie Gray-Spencer, General Manager, Brand and Communications at Vodafone, explains the concept:

“People feel like they have to compromise to get good value from their mobile carrier and often this means making commitments that day-to-day life just doesn’t allow. Customers have become cynical and complacent, resigning themselves to the fact that this is ‘just the way it is’ …not any more”.

Moving on from this assumption, Vodafone asked JWT Sydney to create an integrated campaign using tv, radio, print and online advertising to make people think about how they’re being treated by their mobile provider and dispel the myth that you have to always do it their way. A part from the nice words spent by Vodafone, what is interesting about this campaign, is that the actors for the TV spot have been recruited via SMS among Vodafone’s existing customers. In a massive casting exercise, real customers were recruited through viral email, by TXT and in store. After only one day over 3,000 customers had responded to the TXT message alone, starting a month long casting process before the final selection.

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