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Windows evolves communication

on September 25, 2006 by Martina Comments

Microsoft has recently launched a promotional website for its new Windows Live Messenger application. “Communication evolved” features three funny videos, created by Maverick, which show how difficult life is (or would be) without the new platform. A part from the videos (which everybody call “virals”) the site offers the possibility to download the new software for free (redirecting to Microsoft’s website). As said, I don’t feel such videos are really viral, they are nice and entertaining, and work pretty well to promote the product, but just because they are amusing it doens’t mean they are able to generate word-of-mouth. Sorry for the nasty judgment, but I’m now very picky when it comes to labeling a video as “viral”.

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Microsoft promotes “The New Era” for Office

on April 15, 2005 by Martina Comments

Over 7 million pounds have been invested by Microsoft to promote the new Office version. New Media Age explains the campaign has a “viral nature” and includes streaming video clips, banners as well as print and outdoor ads. The creativity is by McCann WorldGroup (McCann-Erickson for advertising and MRM Partners for direct marketing) which decided to use the image of dinosaurs to encourage users to “evolve” and upgrade.

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Search engines gossip

on January 7, 2005 by Martina Comments

Rumors around the Web say Microsoft is ready to enter the “paid search” market. An article on Dmnews reports Kenexa, an employment recruiter, last month posted job vacancies on, and, seeking paid search specialists for Microsoft. Is Microsoft getting ready for a new battle in the search engine war? Probably, also considering the locations where Microsoft and Google are opening their new offices. The battle is online, and in the streets of Redmond and Mountain View…

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It’s time for the “Digital Joy”

on November 15, 2004 by Martina Comments

I’m sorry I can’t be positive when I read about such campaigns. I have nothing against Microsoft or Intel, I just believe the theme they have chosen is rather depressing. The “Digital Joy” concept summarizes the negative aspects of contemporary lifestyles. I don’t want the brands to take me back to the countryside, I’m perfectly aware of the technology’s pervasiness, and I couldn’t probably leave without my cell phone or my iBook. What I don’t like is the association of the concept of joy to the digital world that is around us. Let’s try to keep things simple and don’t celebrate the Big Brother becoming part of our lifes. Ok, enough with boring personal comments, here is the link to the campaign description: the press release by Intel presenting the integrated marketing effort created by Deutsch.

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MSN: “The Creative Connection”

on June 18, 2004 by Martina Comments

MSN aims to ignite innovation in advertising with a new program in the United States that teams some of the most creative minds in advertising with its own top talents and advanced technology to develop online advertising breakthroughs. This is Microsoft’s ambitious plan unveiled today in a press release. “The Creative Connection” aims to express MSN’s commitment to help creative agencies and advertisers building fully integrated advertising campaigns utilizing Microsoft’s technology. The campaigns will begin appearing this fall with online ads placed across the MSN network and in premium advertising space including MSN Video, and possible new areas specific to the advertisers’ needs. The campaigns will begin appearing this fall with online ads placed across the MSN network. Alex Bogusky executive creative director at Crispin Porter + Bogusky said (with some flattery):

“The days of traditional advertising on traditional media alone are over. The MSN program allows us to explore new ways to reach consumers, to really push the boundaries with online advertising in ways we might not have been able to do without support from MSN.”

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Microsoft tries to seduce Linux users

on January 16, 2004 by Martina Comments

Today a lot of news site focus on Yahoo!’s earnings and they almost skip the fact, reported on eWeek (via Yahoo! News), that Microsoft has launched a campaign to target Linux users. The campaign, running both on and offline, is designed to give customers information about the advantages of using Windows over its open-source competitor. It’s interesting they are doing it, but I’m not sure about the results they can reach. Open-source lovers are difficult to seduce, most of all it the “gigolo” is named Microsoft.

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The future of pop-ups

on November 12, 2003 by Martina Comments

Microsoft is planning to add a pop-up blocking feature to the next release of Internet Explorer. As NetImperative reports that the pop-up blocking feature would be available as part of an updated version of Explorer with Service Pack 2, which is scheduled for release during the first half of 2004. What will happen to pop-ups? Will Microsoft’s move declare the death of this advertising format? I believe the question will be also connected to the possible problems that will arise will all pop-ups in general, not only the ad ones. In the Company I work for, we are experiencing quite a lot of problems with the Google Toolbar the pop-up windows we launch with Javascript in our e-learning courses.

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