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Text to vote during the Super Bowl

on February 1, 2005 by Martina Comments

Football fans watching the Super Bowl this Sunday will able to use their mobile phones to vote for the best Tv ads. There is always a lot of talk around the TV spots aired during the match, and this is surely the perfect occasion to let US users discover the potentials of mobile messaging. The idea is by America Online, with the technical support of Mobile 365. As Wireless Week reports, also THQ Wireless has decided to take advantage of the event, enabling football fans to vote for the MVP of the game. The initiative will run cross-carrier (and this is another good sign for the US mobile industry).

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Texting in France

on December 13, 2004 by Martina Comments

Sending an SMS in France it’s too expensive: 0.12 � per message is a price that discourages French users from texting. In the rest of Europe the average price is 0.10� (but I pay 0.15� with Vodafone Italy), and this has helped the sms mania to explode. An article on Le Figaro (in French) explores the texting habits in France, collecting data and opinion on a market that still has to show its potentials.

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Text & listen at Jay-Z concerts

on November 22, 2004 by Martina Comments

In an innovative in-venue campaign, ThumbPlay has partnered up with Swagger Wireless to provide concertgoers to the current national ‘Jay-Z and Friends’ tour with an on-screen chat application, in which text messages are displayed on large video screens installed in the concert venues. ThumbPlay and Swagger Wireless have created the first travelling text-to-big screen application, which enables marketers to develop truly interactive promotional programs with consumers. The application covers all major U.S. carriers, at a cost of 99 cents per message sent up to the big screen. The promotion runs for 30 minutes before each of the 40 concerts on the current U.S. Jay-Z tour, providing a revenue source for the artist as well as a fun, interactive promotional program for audience members. Are Traasdahl, the president and founder of ThumbPlay commented:

“We wanted to create a promotion that offered something new for the fans, offering a means of interacting with each other in a playful way. The response from the audience has been unbelievable, another sign that the U.S. wireless entertainment market continues to demonstrate steady growth patterns.”

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