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It’s a Lego world

June 23, 2005 at 9:37 by Martina Comments

Ogilvy & Mather Santiago for Lego (Chile) received the Outdoor Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions.

5 Responses to It’s a Lego world

  1. ami says:

    super-great! but … which part of the picture is the illusion? (look at the top left ;) anyone around chile who could varify the ad? :-)

  2. Joel says:

    This is realy a GOOOOOOOOOD ad idea…. it´s amazing

  3. bidule says:

    I agree with 1st comment.
    Who wants to check this out?
    I found more info but no so conclusive for the moment cause it came from the same source.
    We have to look from the side of SILFA, the actual advertiser.
    In terms of strategy, knowing the market and the brand awareness, does Lego really need to afford such media on a building in Chile?
    Mr Juan Carlos Sotello took the photo, When? Street?.
    Category: Corporate Image
    SILFA Chile, San Ignacio 201, Parque Industrial, Portezuelo Quilicura, Santiago, Chile,Tel: 56-2-460-7500, Fax: 56-2-460-7510 - [email protected]/Contact: Mr. Juan Pablo Sitnisky
    Product or Service: LEGO
    Advertising Agency: OGILVY & MATHER SANTIAGO
    Country: CHILE
    Creative Director: Cesar Agost (Carreno)
    Copywriter: Felipe Manalich
    Art Director: Sergio Iacobelli/Sebastian Alvarado
    Photographer: Juan Carlos Sotello
    Illustrator: Ricardo Salamanca
    Account Supervisor: Ranjiv Ramgolam

  4. Michael says:

    1. The logo is old.
    2. Lego is not using that payoff anymore.
    3. Lego always uses the 8-knob (not 2-knob) for advertising

  5. Carlos Pinto says:

    I think it is amazing and very creative. All of you are making destructive opinions. Think about it, stop doing that, and enjoy it.
    And who cares, cause Chile already win the Grand Prix.

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