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The Hilton journeys

January 30, 2006 at 5:34 by Martina Comments

hiltonexperience.jpgIf you think of Hilton just as “Paris” Hilton, click here and experience something new: the Hilton Journeys created by Blitz. It’s an emotional website going created around three concepts: travel should empower, travel should pamper, and travel should entertain.
It is made out of lovely animations and some chances of interactions. I like it because of the communication approach it takes, delivering a rich the brand experience that fits the luxury you expect from Hilton.
Be aware you need a broadband connection to fully enjoy it.

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3 Responses to The Hilton journeys

  1. People Paula says:

    I often wonder how the Hilton Paris feels about Paris Hilton….

  2. Greg says:

    Is anyone else getting flash code popping on the screen upon the completion of the movie load???
    Thought this may have been just a FF issue, but happens in IE6 too….great PR for Blitz!

  3. ASV says:

    I really do think that the new Hilton commericals are effective. They makes me want to buy my parents a lovely vacation…but then I think of how I would be supporting Paris Hilton and it all goes down the drain.

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